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The Opiyo Wandayi Foundation (TOWF) has a strong national outlook built on a robust foundation of trust and community-driven development approaches. The Foundation works through strategic and carefully selected partnerships throughout the country both at the national and community level. Institutionally, the Foundation has developed solid policies and procedures and established itself as a credible actor in the development agenda. It has provided unequalled capacity development accompaniment embedded with all its activities to enhance the capability of its partners for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. The Foundation has worked with partners throughout the country. The greatest innovation and endeavour for the Foundation has been to collaborate with other like-minded organizations in all its areas of work and hence its approach of evaluating the experience and capacity of new partners. The Foundation is establishing its own sustainability by creating an endowment fund with support from its well-wishers.

Opiyo Wandayi Patron of TOWF
Our Patron

Hon. Wandayi, James Opiyo

Hon James Opiyo Wandayi is the Patron of The Opiyo Wandayi Foundation (TOWF). Hon. Wandayi is also the current Member of Parliament of Ugunja Constituency.

Hon Wandayi was born and brought up in rural Ugunja, Siaya County, where he also received his elementary and secondary education before joining the University of Nairobi for his undergraduate studies. He later pursued postgraduate studies at United States University – Africa (MBA), Kenya Institute of Management (Diploma), and Law at the Daystar University.

Wandayi briefly worked in private sector before venturing into elective politics where he believed that his true calling lay. He was first elected in 2013 and later in 2017 as MP for Ugunja and is consistently passionate about encouraging constituents to become more involved in community activities; promoting their welfare and well-being; as well as providing support in the growth towards personal success.


A society free of abject poverty


To transform communities by creating long lasting solutions to poverty challenges

Core Values

  • Integrity: We follow moral and ethical principles in all aspects of life and behave honourably, even when no one is watching. We value and promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency internally and in our dealings with others, irrespective of their social standing.
  • Humility: We espouse genuine gratitude shy of arrogance; the Foundation adopts a modest view of itself ▪ Compassion: We embrace a sympathetic consciousness of others' distresses together with a desire to alleviate it.
  • Equity: We strive to uphold and promote fairness and to secure the rights of the poor and other underserved groups in all our endeavours as we pursue the goals and objectives of the Foundation.
  • Partnerships: We value and are committed to quality and broad participation and collaboration with other like-minded individuals and organizations.
  • Learning and innovation: We value reflection, learning and innovation and strive to evolve, promote, and share best practices with others.

Strategic Objectives


With an exciting governance structure, the team embarked upon a journey to evaluate, strategize, and plan for the future of the The Opiyo Wandayi Foundation (TOWF). Our 2020 strategic planning was a journey designed to inspire, challenge, and discover, with the goal of creating a “Roadmap to Mission Achievement” that results in a profound positive impact on the quality of life in Kenya and beyond. The process began with due diligence to explore the current landscape within which the Foundation operates. Then, after understanding “where we are,” we planned “where we want to go.” The Board and team, with the support of outside consultants managed the planning process. The process was developed with the following goals in mind:

  1. Evaluation of current organizational operations and functions.
  2. Evaluation of the environment in which the Foundation operates by seeking feedback for improvement from community stakeholders, Board members, donors and staff utilizing surveys customized for each group.
  3. Identification of strategic issues to move the Foundation forward. 
  4. Affirmation or refinement of the Mission and development of a Vision statement.
  5. Development of goals that address key issues identified through the process.
  6. Development of a plan for impact and growth over a five-year period.

To facilitate achievement of the above, the following processes and activities were undertaken: 

  1. Review and analyze internal Foundation historical documents and processes. 
  2. Research Foundation best practices. 
  3. Outreach, data collection and analysis of four online surveys (Board, staff, donors, and community stakeholders), each surveyed separately.


Hon. James Opiyo Wandayi; Regina Opondo; Jacob Omondi; Debra Otieno; Beneah Otieno; Rapudo Hawi and Ogolla C.J as well as the Foundation staff. Phil Wasonga, Moses Omondi.


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