Our Foundation was Built to Anchor Long-term
Development in Kenya Communities Through...



We follow moral and ethical principles in all aspects of life and behave honourably, even when no one is watching.



We espouse genuine gratitude shy of arrogance; the Foundation adopts a modest view of itself.



We embrace a sympathetic consciousness of others' distresses together with a desire to alleviate it



We strive to uphold and promote fairness and to secure the rights of the poor and other underserved groups in all our endeavours.

Why Choose Us

Who we are & What we do!

Since the establishment of The Opiyo Wandayi Foundation (TOWF), it has matured into a reputable organization that is committed to working together with members of the community to alleviate poverty as well as advance a fair and just society. Founded and registered in Kenya as a public foundation, TOWF makes grants to a variety of individuals, and organized grassroots communities to enable them to address their development priorities

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