Special Thanks to our Partners

The Opiyo Wandayi Foundation (TOWF) works with many partners to deliver its programs and works diligently to achieve its mission. Key partners include: The Government of Kenya, the County Government of Siaya through its line ministries, donors, community stakeholders, corporates, and individuals. Through this partnership, TOWF works to ensure consistence with various government policies. TOWF recognizes government as the lead development actor for the people of Kenya. This reality offers great opportunities to scale up appropriate development processes for wider impact. Working with others to influence the national legal and policy framework to encourage local philanthropy is another area where TOWF seeks to influence the government, so that there can be more credible and reliable structures through which people can give, thus entrenching the culture of giving.

Non-profits like NGO’s, community-based organizations, associations, and others who work directly with communities to help them overcome poverty challenges are other key groups with whom TOWF works with. These are our partners on the ground. TOWF works with them to enhance their capacity to facilitate people driven development. We also work with these partners to identify and build local assets and invest such funds in community endowments, increase social capital and widen opportunities for a variety of social investments that help communities create wealth. TOWF recognizes that effective and credible non-profits are well placed to scale up poverty eradication work among underserved communities. Faith based organizations, (FBOs) hold immense responsibilities and roles at community level; they are trusted by communities and as such are important to the achievement of TOWF’s goals. FBOs work with local communities to mobilize local resources and energy around spiritual and social value-based initiatives which in turn set the local community energy towards common interests such as local, social, and economic development.

Other foundations have also been close partners of TOWF. From its inception TOWF has related closely with foundations around the world to learn from their best practices and adapt them to the Kenya context. TOWF receives the support of other foundations towards the entrenchment of local philanthropy and to support the establishment and strengthening of TOWF as a Kenyan endowed foundation. The corporate sector also partners with TOWF and other stakeholders in the philanthropy sector to encourage them to make their contribution to local communities and to get corporate givers to think of the long-term development of communities. These regional and international organizations in the philanthropy sector continue to share lessons and experiences in philanthropy with TOWF, thus enabling it to promote local giving. Institutional donors who share the vision and mission of TOWF collaborate with the Foundation to make partnership grants to communities to support different sectors of development. Individuals: TOWF engages individuals to create awareness of the possibilities made available by philanthropy and to encourage them to engage in the development of their community by contributing resources through structured mechanisms. TOWF recognizes the immense potential that lies in harnessing individual gifts and contributions of whatever size to enhance development efforts.

Media are instrumental partners in informing the public and play a broad role in disseminating the messages for development, from awareness building, to communicating about best practice, mobilizing support for various local fundraising efforts, and highlighting the transformation of communities that have changed their conditions by working together. TOWF thus, recognizes the media as a key partner in creating awareness on philanthropy and the development agenda into which it fits in addition to making the work of the Foundation known and building a public profile.